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Linear Modern Painting

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This is the first painting that I have ever posted on Ebay for sale. I know that I am a novice in this field and hope to learn the ropes quickly enough to gain a sale.

While I was creating this piece, I was fascinated by the concepts of direction and contrast. The lines connect each part of the painting to another. And the blended colors are with their opposite. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed creating it. Several days and layers of paint were required to find the right way to blend the colors for the particular desired effect. At the end, I found I’d crafted something that I really wanted to just sit and look at.

Hopefully, there is a buyer out there that can look at this and see something worth viewing in their own home/office.

It is ready to hang as is or can be framed.

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Modern Art – Berkana



This piece is the the latest in the line of those that I’ve been experimenting with perspective, direction, and color. I utilized a newer (to me) method of blending the background colors which was incredibly entertaining to do. I am very pleased with the outcome. The added lines, felt like they brought a balanced to it that was needed. I intentionally left some of the paint unmixed on the canvas for a little raw feel it it.

You can fit this into an office, living room, or (my particular hope) an art gallery.

Let me know what you think.

18″x 24″ canvas with acrylic paint.

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Book Review

Who is Jeb!!! by Patrick Andendall

Who Is Jeb!!!: John Ellis Who Is Jeb!!!: John Ellis “Jeb” Bush and His Horrendously Horrible Histories by Patrick Andendall

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is in a specific category of literature. It belongs in the political books about a public figure written by someone unaffiliated that has an opinion they want to share. There are a plethora of these books that pop up in times of political controversy. Now with keeping that frame of reference in mind, this piece of writing is done rather well.

It lost half a star for continually writing Jeb as “Jeb!!!” throughout the work. The reason why is explained towards the beginning and Patrick Andendall has a point. It was a bit distracting though while reading the rest of the book. Personally, I felt like it drew away from the current point that was being made.The other half a star was lost in the slight immaturity that Patrick would occasionally slip in. Part of that is shown in the full title itself: Who is Jeb!!!: John Ellis “Jeb” Bush and his Horrendously Horrible Histories. I appreciate the alliteration, but is that really necessary at the end? Maybe I am just expecting the writing style to just be more sophisticated for the subject matter, but that is how I feel about it.

Now my compliments are more abundant. A great takeaway about the author is he really did his research. All of his sources are cited as well. I did not take the time to fact check him on everything. However, I did some checking and things came back accurate. The leaps in logic that he takes can be easily followed (for the most part). There were a few things that he actually changed my mind on as well. The book is fairly well organized as well. I didn’t like the section/chapter title lengths sometimes, but that is a minor detail. Patrick did keep the writing style interesting. Metaphors and similes are used from being to end which really help paint a picture for the readers.

Overall, if you want some detailed info on the Bush family while it centering around Jeb, this is a decent read.

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Want a Free Review?

I am looking for more content to review and promote. If you want your content to have a positive review, use the contact form to submit a screenshot of you donating at least $2 to a charity, organization, or someone in need. Even if it is just sending a friend a couple of bucks via PayPal. All personal info can be blurred out. I don’t share this with anyone.

As for the review itself, I’ll make it at least 250 words and highlight make favorite and least favorite aspect of your content. It will be genuine and positive.

It can be for anything: art work, music, movies, youtube video, twitch stream, book, poetry, or anything else I may have missed. The arts are something I study in my free time and enjoy finding new works to experience.

I just want to encourage the world to be a better place. If you know an artist in need, link me to them.

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Help Those in Need

I stumbled upon a fellow artist in need while scrolling through tumblr.

Click here to go help and get some custom work in the process. Go here to donate via paypal

I started to see people offering to do work if people sent a screenshot of a donation. That blew my mind and I didn’t understand what I was seeing at first. Once it clicked, I wanted to jump into the fray as well. I’ve posted the donation link on my twitter.

Also my reviewing services are available for anyone that sends me a screenshot of at least $2 donation or a Ko-fi. Of course, donate as much as you are capable without putting yourself in jeopardy. I’ll review anything you throw my way and post it on here, twitter, and tumblr.

Since I am in a similar (not nearly as bad yet) situation as this individual, I really wanted to help them get through this rough patch in life. They are obviously trying very hard to do whatever possible to survive and I want that effort rewarded.


Book Review

A Funny Thing Happened on the Moon by Joey Rogers

This was truly an entertaining science fiction quick read. There was fantastic character development for several side characters and Jeremy (the main character) shows astounding courage to do the right thing while facing odds stacked so high against him.

This is very much a science fiction piece. There is lots of technical jargon sprinkled throughout the piece. I don’t know anything about how rockets or their engines are made so I have no clue as to if any of it was accurate. What I do know is that the information was presented in such a way that when I was reading, it seemed to make sense. There was a logic path that the reader was taken down to show the protagonists were taking the proper steps. Now when I started reading this, I didn’t have a mindset of “Oh I must make sure everything works accordingly with actual physics”. To be honest, I do not care if it does as long as the rules within the universe the author creates are not contradicted. Joey Rogers did a good job of making it to where I never thought “wait, I thought he said that wouldn’t work earlier” or anything along those line.

As for the plot itself, I really enjoyed seeing the way the story developed. One minute, fate would help them line everything up and the next moment disaster would strike. About half the time, my guess for what would happen next would be wrong. It stayed fresh and not over predictable. My only real complaint is the lack of backstory with the ‘bad guy’. He felt a little too cliche, but it didn’t distract too much.

All in all, if you want to experience a futuristic world where corporations have things way too far and see how humanity still seems to thrive, this is a good choice.

If you want to check it out click here to buy it on Amazon.


Geometric Modern Painting

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This piece is a style that I’d seen many times, but never tried my own hand at. I wanted to have these sections that each have their own unique combination of color, direction, and form while still sharing a commonality. The borders try to hold the color in, but it just spills out on the neighbors.

It can be a new addition to any home, office, or work space.

18″x 24″ – Ready to hang or can be framed. Acrylic on canvas

YouTube Review

Jolly Roger Gaming

Recently, I reconnected with a friend of mine and found he had started creating content on YouTube. When that usually happens, I have an internal dread that the content will suck. With this particular person, I knew I was in for a treat.

Jolly Roger Gaming is amazing. Holy shit, this is the internet content I signed up for. He has a variety of videos to have a little something for everyone. There are short comedy sketches and there are videos of him playing several different games. Captain Jolly Roger explores the wild west in Red Dead Redemption and kills dragons in Skyrim while also being a thoughtful mayor in Cities: Skylines.

There are edits and cuts in the video to minimize the boring parts of gaming. It keeps the content consistently entertaining and his commentary is top tier.

I’ve also subscribed to his Twitch stream as well because he will go on an OCD adventure in Minecraft and so rampage across a dessert in Mad Max. He interacts with the chat and keeps it lively through commentary and fantastic facial expressions.

The production quality is the best that he can currently afford to craft and he is aware that there is room for improvement. Despite the not so great quality equipment, Captain Roger does his best to craft a professional setup. The consciousness he displays to his viewers is obvious and shows he really cares about people enjoying the show.

All in all, I’d recommend his content for anyone that enjoys laughing.