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Who is Jeb!!! by Patrick Andendall

Who Is Jeb!!!: John Ellis Who Is Jeb!!!: John Ellis “Jeb” Bush and His Horrendously Horrible Histories by Patrick Andendall

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is in a specific category of literature. It belongs in the political books about a public figure written by someone unaffiliated that has an opinion they want to share. There are a plethora of these books that pop up in times of political controversy. Now with keeping that frame of reference in mind, this piece of writing is done rather well.

It lost half a star for continually writing Jeb as “Jeb!!!” throughout the work. The reason why is explained towards the beginning and Patrick Andendall has a point. It was a bit distracting though while reading the rest of the book. Personally, I felt like it drew away from the current point that was being made.The other half a star was lost in the slight immaturity that Patrick would occasionally slip in. Part of that is shown in the full title itself: Who is Jeb!!!: John Ellis “Jeb” Bush and his Horrendously Horrible Histories. I appreciate the alliteration, but is that really necessary at the end? Maybe I am just expecting the writing style to just be more sophisticated for the subject matter, but that is how I feel about it.

Now my compliments are more abundant. A great takeaway about the author is he really did his research. All of his sources are cited as well. I did not take the time to fact check him on everything. However, I did some checking and things came back accurate. The leaps in logic that he takes can be easily followed (for the most part). There were a few things that he actually changed my mind on as well. The book is fairly well organized as well. I didn’t like the section/chapter title lengths sometimes, but that is a minor detail. Patrick did keep the writing style interesting. Metaphors and similes are used from being to end which really help paint a picture for the readers.

Overall, if you want some detailed info on the Bush family while it centering around Jeb, this is a decent read.

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