Art, Assistance for Others

Help Those in Need

I stumbled upon a fellow artist in need while scrolling through tumblr.

Click here to go help and get some custom work in the process. Go here to donate via paypal

I started to see people offering to do work if people sent a screenshot of a donation. That blew my mind and I didn’t understand what I was seeing at first. Once it clicked, I wanted to jump into the fray as well. I’ve posted the donation link on my twitter.

Also my reviewing services are available for anyone that sends me a screenshot of at least $2 donation or a Ko-fi. Of course, donate as much as you are capable without putting yourself in jeopardy. I’ll review anything you throw my way and post it on here, twitter, and tumblr.

Since I am in a similar (not nearly as bad yet) situation as this individual, I really wanted to help them get through this rough patch in life. They are obviously trying very hard to do whatever possible to survive and I want that effort rewarded.



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