Netflix Review

Nannet by Hannah Gadsby

For those that have not already heard of Hannah Gadsby, she has been a comedian for over a decade now. Her content has always touched upon the fact she is a lesbian and her perspective of life. In this particular special, she turns everything on its head and tells you a story that is empowering and refreshingly genuine.

I have never been so emotionally moved by a comedy show on Netflix as I have been just now. Hannah, is a strong, fierce human in her prime that is self-aware and intelligent. The inspiration granted me but her hour-long special is immense. She dissected the root of comedy and helped the audience understand exactly what it truly is. The ride that I went on with her will never be forgotten.

I don’t want to spoil the twists and turns that Hannah made during her special. I am afraid that giving you details out of context just will not do it justice. Personally, I feel that everyone needs to watch and experience it at least once in their life.

Now instead of rambling on about just how amazing it was, I am going to just recommend that you open a new tab and type “Nannet” in your Netflix search bar.


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