Linear Modern Painting

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This is the first painting that I have ever posted on Ebay for sale. I know that I am a novice in this field and hope to learn the ropes quickly enough to gain a sale.

While I was creating this piece, I was fascinated by the concepts of direction and contrast. The lines connect each part of the painting to another. And the blended colors are with their opposite. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed creating it. Several days and layers of paint were required to find the right way to blend the colors for the particular desired effect. At the end, I found I’d crafted something that I really wanted to just sit and look at.

Hopefully, there is a buyer out there that can look at this and see something worth viewing in their own home/office.

It is ready to hang as is or can be framed.


8 thoughts on “Linear Modern Painting”

      1. Most so called content providers mostly just steal, er, borrow from each other seemingly without knowing what they are providing content for… I get plenty of offers for that on Storyteller.

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