YouTube Review

Jolly Roger Gaming

Recently, I reconnected with a friend of mine and found he had started creating content on YouTube. When that usually happens, I have an internal dread that the content will suck. With this particular person, I knew I was in for a treat.

Jolly Roger Gaming is amazing. Holy shit, this is the internet content I signed up for. He has a variety of videos to have a little something for everyone. There are short comedy sketches and there are videos of him playing several different games. Captain Jolly Roger explores the wild west in Red Dead Redemption and kills dragons in Skyrim while also being a thoughtful mayor in Cities: Skylines.

There are edits and cuts in the video to minimize the boring parts of gaming. It keeps the content consistently entertaining and his commentary is top tier.

I’ve also subscribed to his Twitch stream as well because he will go on an OCD adventure in Minecraft and so rampage across a dessert in Mad Max. He interacts with the chat and keeps it lively through commentary and fantastic facial expressions.

The production quality is the best that he can currently afford to craft and he is aware that there is room for improvement. Despite the not so great quality equipment, Captain Roger does his best to craft a professional setup. The consciousness he displays to his viewers is obvious and shows he really cares about people enjoying the show.

All in all, I’d recommend his content for anyone that enjoys laughing.


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